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Region Change for BMW NBT / NBTEVO -

Region Change for BMW NBT / NBTEVO

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BIMMER-REMOTE offers Region Change for NBT and NBT EVO iDrive 5 / iDrive 6.

It allows you to change Region to desired Country / Map.

All Regions / Countries supported

Japan / Korea / Europe / USA / Australia / New Zealand / Southest Asia / Turkey / North Africa / South America / India / Israel / Taiwan / Russia / Argentina / South Africa / Middle East

Unlock possibility of coding through FA/VO. It won't couse Black Screen/NO signal issues.

Please attach VIN before purchase.

Most of the cars can be done using USB Stick only while some of them needs ENET Cable and Windows PC as well. You can check compatibility (USB or ENET) by contacting us.

Refer to our FAQ where to get ENET Cable.