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Stage 1 Custom Tune for BMW F80 / F82

Stage 1 Custom Tune for BMW F80 / F82

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BIMMER-REMOTE presents Stage 1 Tune (Custom) for BMW F80 / F82 / F83 (M3/M4).

All you need is an ENET cable, Windows PC and Battery Tender.

Process takes around an hour. Need a good network, all done remotely through

You can expect:

510 hp / 500 ft-lb (680Nm)

Gauges will be rescaled to proper values. Speed limiter set to unlimited.

Within the flash you can get: 

- Soft/hard burbles on Sport/Sport+ (or no burbles at all)

- Cat Delete

and any DCT delete you would want.

This is a custom tune, made from scratch, not some OTS.

Best way is to combine it with GTS Flash (Gearbox, Steering, DSC, Differential).


2014 - 2018 BMW M3 / M4 F80 / F82 / F83 (Both ZCP/Non-ZCP versions)


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