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F8X Ultimate Pack - iDrive 6 / CarPlay Fullscreen / GTS FLASH -

BMW F8X Ultimate Pack - iDrive 6 / CarPlay Fullscreen / GTS FLASH

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BIMMER-REMOTE presents Ultimate Coding / Flashing Pack for all BMW F8X owners!

Our F8x Ultimate Pack includes:

  • Famous BMW iDrive 6 FLASH that will make your car look fresh again
  • BMW Apple CarPlay FULLSCREEN for all Apple users
  • BMW Screen Mirroring for all Android users
  • BMW GTS / CS Performance FLASH that includes Transmission, Steering, Differential, MDM and EDC. 
  • Coding Pack - choose from variety of codings available for your F8X

All REGIONS Supported.

Requirements for flashing:

- ENET Cable (OBD2 to Ethernet) (LINK

- 30GB of free space on your PC

- Windows PC or Mac with Windows on Bootcamp

- Car charger / battery tender or another car running with jumper cables.

WiFi antenna in your car - either OEM (Part no.61119278133) or Aftermarket plugged to the back of the headunit - to get best the CarPlay experience. 

WiFi antenna is not included - you need to purchase on your own - we recommend OEM or Aftermarket. We'll send you a video how to install WiFi Antenna.

After purchase you will receive a software to download. After downloading the software we will book a remote session for you. Process is done remotely by one of our technicians through Teamviewer. It takes 1 hour from start to finish. 

This is a special limited promotion. All discounts are excluded.



BMW F80 / F82 / F83 - M3 / M4 (Late 07/2015 - 2020)

BMW F87 (2016-2020)