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Please contact us as at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Usually we send it within 10 minutes after purchase but in some cases it may take up to 12 hours.

No! Our coding does not void warranty. Completely safe for your cars warranty.

ENET cable is an OBD2 to RJ45 Cable. You can get it at Amazon / eBay or any other store.

US: Amazon / eBay

UK: Amazon / eBay

Europe: Amazon

Australia: Webstore

Some cars may need WIFI antenna. Send your VIN if you're unsure. You can simply buy it at Amazon or get OEM (part number: 61119278133) at dealer.


Amazon (USA)


Our codings works on all regions (UK / USA / Europe / Asia / Australia etc).

To check 100% compatibility read product description and if you're still unsure contact us through Messenger Chat or by email with your VIN number. We'll respond ASAP.

Yes, contact us through email:

You just simply re-run the activation. No need to pay any additional fees. It's a Lifetime purchase. (Applies to All Apple CarPlay Activations)

No, it's impossible. Never happened and it never will if you follow our guides.

We accept PayPal, Apple Pay and Credit Cards.

Yes, we do! Contact us through messenger chat or by email for multiple products discount.

Yes, you can! Simply set-up Bootcamp with Windows.

Note: You will not be refunded if you provide Parallels for remote session.