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NBTEVO iDrive 5 to iDrive 6 Coding -

BMW iDrive 5 to iDrive 6 Coding

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BIMMER-REMOTE proudly presents BMW iDrive 5 to iDrive 6 coding.

This is a USB Coding or ENET activation of BMW iDrive 6 on existing BMW iDrive 5 theme.

It doesn't change your software version.

USB Coding Applies to: 

NBTevo_H, NBTevo_I, NBTevo_J, NBTevo_K, NBTevo_L, NBTevo_M, NBTevo_N, NBTevo_O

ENET Coding Applies to: 

NBTevo_P, NBTevo_Q, NBTevo_R, NBTevo_S, NBTevo_U, NBTevo_V, NBTevo_W, NBTevo_X, NBTevo_Y

For ENET coding you will need:

  • ENET cable
  • Windows or Mac with Bootcamp/Parallels
  • Internet Connection

 Note that this product applies to you, if you already have iDrive 5 activated in your car.(check photo).