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CS/CSL Flash for BMW M2 / M3 / M4 G8x

CS/CSL Flash for BMW M2 / M3 / M4 G8x

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BIMMER-REMOTE presents CS FLASH for BMW G80 / G81 / G82 / G83 / G87 (M2/M3/M4)

DOES NOT void warranty. All OEM software. No affect on Tunes.

Your ECU does NOT need to be unlocked.

CS flash contains: 

- Gearbox/Transmission CS/CSL Flash - for both xDrive and non xDrive vehicles

- DSC Flash (CS/CSL) 

- Steering Flash (CS/CSL)

- Differential Flash (CS/CSL)

- Suspension Flash (CS/CSL)

You will need: 

- ENET Cable (OBD2 to Ethernet) (LINK

- Windows PC or Mac with Windows on Bootcamp (Parallels is not allowed)

- Teamviewer 15

- Stable network connection

 Process is done remotely by one of our technicians. Takes roughly 30 minutes.

You just simply purchase the product, then we'll send you an email with a booking option. You can choose if you want full pack or just a transmission or/and steering.

Completely safe solution for all G8x Cars (including Manual and Automatic transmission).


BMW G80 / G81 / G82 / G83 / G87 - both xDrive / non xDrive - Base / Competition - 2021  - 2025

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