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Remote Coding Package - F Series -

Remote Coding Package - F Series

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This is Remote Coding Package. It includes all possible options you could imagine to code!

It is done remotely by our technician - You will need: 

- ENET Cable

- Windows Laptop or Mac with Bootcamp

- Teamviewer 15 installed

After purchase contact to schedule remote session.

Available options:

F Series Coding LIST


Disable Welcome 3 Gongs

SeatBelt Reminder Lights OFF

Turn Off Seat-Belt Reminder Chimes

Close windows, sunroof & mirror from key fob

Mirror Fold Delay Time @ 0.00 sec delay:

Auto Start/Stop Remember Last Setting

Unlock Door on Engine OFF 

Tilt Passenger Mirror farther down when in reverse

Enable Illumination of Exterior Door Handle LEDs when in Reverse

Easy Entry Seat 

Turn off window roll-up door interrupt:

Turn on Brake Force Flashing with Hard Braking

DRL 100% Angel Eyes Brightness

Remove Legal Disclaimers

Display Tire Pressure & Temperature in Vehicle Info

Disable Office Function Speed Lock-Out

Disable Speed Lock for Owner’s Manual & Bluetooth Pairing:

Set cell phone ringer as primary

Enable Video Files from USB

Add Digital Speed to Speedo LCD Display via BC button

Change Startup Screen in Speedo LCD to ///M Performance or M4 GTS

Enable Rear-View Camera at all Speeds

Activate Side Cameras at all Speeds

Activate Cruise control from any Speed