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Video in motion activation - MGU iDrive 7 -

Video in motion activation - MGU iDrive 7

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This is video in motion activation for:

MGU iDrive 7.0 Units

You will need:

- ENET Cable

- Windows laptop or Mac with Bootcamp

You will receive an application and instruction from us for activation of Video in motion in your car.

BMW Video and DVD In Motion – No Additional Hardware required. Gain the ability to watch Videos from USB Flash Drive and DVD’s while you drive.

With this solution we will send you a VIN specific file for your vehicle. Easy solution only requires you to drag and drop small file to flash drive and insert to vehicle. Once inserted you will have enabled DVD and Video in Motion via USB. 

Watch movies or your favorite downloaded music videos on a USB drive directly on your screen. Your BMW is capable of playing most common video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, etc. up to full HD resolution (1080p), also DVD’s.

Compatible with all Vehicles equipped with MGU iDrive 7.0. 2019 - 

If you are unsure if this will work with your vehicle please Contact Us.