Fullscreen mode for CarPlay Activation (NBTEvo)

Fullscreen mode for CarPlay Activation (NBTEvo)

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This is Fullscreen mode and Video in motion activation for already activated CarPlay (from factory) for BMW CARS.

Fullscreen CarPlay mode 

Fullscreen is activated on following software:

NBTevo_N, NBTevo_O, NBTevo_P, NBTevo_Q, NBTevo_R, NBTevo_S, NBTevo_U, NBTEvo_V, NBTEvo_W, NBTevo_X


To Check Firmware Version – Go to Navigation -> Press Options Button -> Go to Settings -> Go to Position & Version History -> Check Version - You will see NBTEVO_XXXXX


USB Coding applies to following software: 

NBTevo_N, NBTevo_O

Procedure for USB Coding: 

You'll receive file, and then just copy it to FAT32 formatted USB DRIVE, plug it in your car, 1 minute and you're DONE - CarPlay Fullscreen mode is installed and activated.


ENET Coding applies to following software: 

NBTevo_P, NBTevo_Q, NBTevo_R, NBTevo_S, NBTevo_U, NBTEvo_V, NBTEvo_W, NBTevo_X

Activation using ENET cable:

1. Download the app that we'll sent you for activation (simple one click App)
2. Start the car, then connect cable to your car and computer
3. Launch the app. You will receive code from us to enter it in the app - it's for activation features that you've bought.
4. Enter the code
5. Click Start
6. Wait about 5-6 minutes till everything is finished

Detailed instruction will be provided after purchase for both ENET and USB Activation.